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About Me

For more than fifteen years I have been working with computers, first as a hobby, then through a career helping businesses and residential customers with their desktop, network, server, and mobile needs. I have now finished a six-month program at the Nashville Software School, and I am looking forward to new opportunities in the world of DevOps, a fancy new name for an old idea.


Create and save custom, keyboard triggered soundboards. Built using the Web Audio API to minimize lag.

Go and Do

A new concept for getting connected! With Go and Do you can specify your interests, set your availability, and be notified of potential get-togethers with your Facebook friends and others, all without anyone having to be an organizer.

Hit Me!

Blackjack app that shows your advantage as you play. Check out Split City! Built using the Deck of Cards API.

Biscuits: Rebuttered

My attempt to recreate the WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme from scratch. Fully responsive and freshly baked! Featured by CodePen in April, seen over 1800 times, and favorited by nearly 50 people.

MK Whack-A-Mole

A Mortal Kombat-themed game written in vanilla JavaScript. There's a trick to a higher score... can you figure it out?


Responsive front-end website I created for a Hack Tennessee team project in May. You can also press Q, A, P, and L to trigger your selected sounds.